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EP or Album?

Tilia Americana asks for your help

GOAL: $5,000
WE RAISED: $3005


Officially speaking, our fundraiser ended on January 3, 2019. That means that we’re not sending out any more appeals, because we know our friends have better things to do than receive a torrent of unwanted solicitations from us. We are deeply grateful to the many people who donated funds, and to those who couldn’t afford to throw in money this time but still checked in with words of encouragement and support. We had a lot of fun thanking everyone and we raised enough money to really help our effort in the studio. If you come to this page and would like to donate, please feel free—the donation link remains open and the money always supports the music, 100%.

The story…

Tilia americAna is recording again

In 2017, Tilia Americana recorded its first studio album, Now What? at Wind Over the Earth recording studio in Longmont, Colorado. We were incredibly proud of the songwriting, musicianship, and production that went into the album, and the whole process taught us a lot about what it takes to make great music that will touch people’s hearts. Now we have more songs and we want to do it again, this time even better.

we are asking for your help

Truth: making music is expensive.

Recording requires money for studio time…and for session musicians, producer fees, and professional recording, mixing & mastering.

Truth: our music will never have the broad commercial appeal that pays for albums

We are proud of the songs we create. They are unusual and thoughtful and sometimes strange and always meaningful, and we pour ourselves into each one. And we know they resonate because we have a strong and loyal following who show up to see us play live, who laugh and cry and dance and listen intently.

But gig fees, merch sales , and even generous audience tips don’t pay for albums. They go to the pros who play with us, maintaining instruments and equipment…and if there’s anything left over, the occasional plate of hot wings at Long’s Peak Pub & Tap.

EP or album? It depends on you, our community

We will, of course, contribute our own funds to this effort. But our personal means are not huge, and right now the money we have set aside will probably cover a 3-4 song EP at best. We would love to be able to record enough songs onto make this an album, and that’s why we need to raise funds.

Can you pitch in $10? $50? $100? More?

We could use your help and support. Think of it as pre-ordering the album. When it’s done you’ll get it for free—either by downloading an iTunes/WMP-ready version or by listening on Spotify, Apple Music, or other streaming service.

Like all online payment services, Paypal requires an account to send or receive money. If you want to support us but prefer not to use PayPal, contact us for other options like cash or check.

Why aren’t we using gofundme/Kickstarter?

Turn-key fundraising sites seem great, but when all the credit card fees and site fees are deducted, it adds up to nearly 8% that goes to third parties instead of funding the music. And besides, at least one of us is an absolute contrarian and loves to do as much as possible by non-conventional means. So we’re going to try this and see what happens.


Have you listened to our first album recently? Click below to listen to Now What?



…However, last time we did this, we learned the hard way that producing physical rewards can eat up a huge amount of the budget. To maximize funds for the actual recording, we’re going to focus on low-cost forms of recognition, such as:

digital gratitude
We will thank you in a personal email, on Facebook (if you do that sort of thing), and in person next time we see you!

add handwritten gratitude
Email, Facebook, and a hand-written note delivered by post (in cursive, no less!).

add a band poster
Email, Facebook, and a hand-written note, plus, a professionally printed,
11 x 17 Tilia Americana poster—you get to choose from among multiple designs.

add a merch pack

All of the above plus…well, we’re reducers and re-users. We’re clearing out our inventory of ultra-comfy green Tilia t-shirts and seed-leaf stickers, PLUS we have a limited number of printed liner notes from our first album, Now What? One of each is yours if you donate at this level.

grateful date
All of the above, plus—for local friends—a coffee date with Jeannie at Longmont’s own Javastop. For faraway friends, she’ll send you a gift card for your favorite coffee spot and reach out by Facetime/Google Chat to catch up.

Duo house concert
All of the above, plus Jeannie and Andy will perform at your home, for your friends (limited to Colorado only please).


Special credit on a song from the album

You get your name in the liner notes thanking you for your support in making a specific song possible.

Band house concert
All of the above, plus we’ll figure out how to get the rest of the band out to perform at your home, for your friends (limited to Colorado only please).


Executive producer credit
You get your name in the liner notes as an executive producer of the project

THANK YOU, patrons!

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