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With Gratitude...

From the largest to the smallest, we love every show we play. However, the show at the Dickens Opera House was a production on a whole other level, involving a lot of people, a lot of moving pieces, and a lot of effort. We wanted to send out a HUGE thanks to everyone who came out to see Friday's show and supported it in numerous ways.

There's no way we can tag everyone who deserves to be tagged, so just a few special thanks to Karen Stile and the fantastic staff at the Dickens Opera HouseTaylor Sims for all of his support AND for honoring us by playing with us, Katie FarmerSara Jane Farmer (The Farmer Sisters) and Julie Stratton for sharing the stage with us, Teo Peralez and Kenny Peralez for warming folks up with happy hour music, Brian Rezac for doing an awesome job as the emcee for the evening, of course bandmates Michelle Huster, Kalin Capra, and Tony Saccomano for lending their amazing talents to make our songs sound so great...and to each and every one of the friends and fans who came out to watch the show, who danced, who sang along. It was truly magical for us and we hope everyone had as much fun as it seemed like they were having from where we were up on stage.

In the Studio

After about 6 weeks of preproduction we are finally officially in the studio at Wind Over the Earth. We've already had a couple of wonderfully productive days geting basic tracks and acoustic guitar for a bunch of songs. Much more left to come but the experience has been incredibly positive so far, working with our producer Taylor Sims, engineer Mark Venezia and the rest of the staff at Wind Over the Earth, and of course our bass player Kalin and drummer Tony. 

New Video: The Needle Draws the Thread

Shooting good music videos is not easy! We have tried it a few times on our own with handheld cameras, but for The Needle Draws the Thread we wanted to take it to another level by capturing live sound and performance footage and matching that up with other visuals. So we called on our friend Peter Garland of Brave Knight Media to help us out. Turns out he is very creative and really throws himself into a project, and we are very excited about the result. 

December 24, 1913

Many of you who live in and are from Colorado may be familiar with the Ludlow Massacre, which took place on April 20, 1914. Just four months prior, a similarly tragic event occurred in Calumet, Michigan. The Italian Hall Disaster of December 24, 1913 was chronicled in the song “1913 Massacre” by Woody Guthrie. It serves as a reminder of dark events in our country’s history and the terrible things that people are sometimes willing do to each other in the name of greed and ideology. We have covered this song and gift it to you for the holidays.

Thanks to: Bret Batterman, Pajama Room for recording and mixing, and to Angie Janzen for accompanying on viola.

 Italian Hall Memorial, Calumet, Michigan

Italian Hall Memorial, Calumet, Michigan

Back from Song School

In many ways, Tilia Americana can trace at least half of its origins to the Rocky Mountain Song School, held every August at Planet Bluegrass in Lyons, Colorado. Every year, some of the nation's best songwriters gather together to inspire each other, learn from each other, and share in making beautiful music. One highlight is the nightly Open Stage, during which Song School students get a chance to perform for the entire school, on the legendary Wildflower Pavilion stage. This year, we performed our song Ruin Everything, accompanied by JJ Jones on drums and Ingrid Elizabeth on bass. 

Thanks for checking us out...

Welcome, friends, to the new home of Tilia Americana. We just spent a couple of evenings at The Pajama Room, laying down a sampling of our songs with the assistance of local audio engineer Bret Batterman. Carl Meinecke layed down some grooves on upright bass.

We'd like to share this music with you. Please listen, enjoy, share....and if you like it, come see us perform live.

 Click the coats, get the music!

Click the coats, get the music!


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