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December 24, 1913

Many of you who live in and are from Colorado may be familiar with the Ludlow Massacre, which took place on April 20, 1914. Just four months prior, a similarly tragic event occurred in Calumet, Michigan. The Italian Hall Disaster of December 24, 1913 was chronicled in the song “1913 Massacre” by Woody Guthrie. It serves as a reminder of dark events in our country’s history and the terrible things that people are sometimes willing do to each other in the name of greed and ideology. We have covered this song and gift it to you for the holidays.

Thanks to: Bret Batterman, Pajama Room for recording and mixing, and to Angie Janzen for accompanying on viola.

 Italian Hall Memorial, Calumet, Michigan

Italian Hall Memorial, Calumet, Michigan

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